Running a Kitchen & Bath Company Should be Easy & Enjoyable

It can be again…

EQ Does Everything Between Design & Accounting

Do you recognize that big hole in your operation? I mean the one where designers/salespeople manually figure out pricing, price orders, write up proposals, create purchase orders and send them, copy paperwork (and lose it), write up service tickets, and a slew of other manual tasks that create so many opportunities for mistakes?

Or maybe the hole in management information, where you don’t know exactly what the status is of every job in the company at all times without having to find a 3″ thick job file or calling someone to ask them?

Or maybe it’s the fact that there’s not enough control over everything that happens. Whatever your struggles are… 

Fix Your Dealership’s Points of Failure


There are so many points of failure in the Kitchen & Bath Industry. Even those that are entirely out of the dealership’s control. 

So many people are involved that can make a mistake along the way and make the entire process miserable.

EQ is built to streamline those areas of risk, and can solve up to 90% of the failure points that are under your control, and make the process that much better.

What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between EQ and any other project management type of system out there? A LOT. First of all EQ is a web-based program, built specifically for Kitchen & Bath businesses, by people that know the business inside and out. 

Even more than that, it’s that EQ is your EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM that contains EVERYTHING you sell. All your catalogs of products, services, parts, misc stuff, whatever. It’s all in one system to sell from. And best of all, WE maintain and update your catalogs, so you don’t have to.

No other system does that for Kitchen & Bath dealers. Anywhere. 

What Does EQ Do?

What No One Else Can…

It has been an interesting time with COVID-19. We hear from our customers that our software, Equilibrium, has made a HUGE difference helping their business get through the effects of COVID.

That’s because Equilibrium is web-based software they can run from anywhere with an Internet connection. So they can do pretty much anything they would do in the office, except meet customers face-to-face. But with other technology and online meetings, they’ve got that covered as well. We’re glad to be the system that helps dealers continue to function in a new-pandemic world.

Breakfront Software has entered into an exclusive alliance with BKBG (Bath & Kitchen Buying Group) for the Kitchen & Bath Industry. BKBG Dealers can get special access to exclusive deals on Equilibrium.

Breakfront and BKBG make a perfect companionship by providing not only the best product solutions, but now also software solutions for dealers. BKBG is the only buying group that Breakfront has partnered with, and Equilibrium is the exclusive operational software system provided to BKBG dealers within the group. Read the press release here.  

We Know Your Business

Built by Kitchen & Bath Dealers, FOR Kitchen & Bath Dealers

We know the industry like no other software company. That’s because we were Kitchen & Bath Dealers. We understand your business better than any other software company can.