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  • Marketing: Momentum turns your website into a vibrant community to help you generate consistent leads for your salespeople.
  • Knowledge: Spectrum’s 4M Sales Process gives your designers powerful new skills to convert more leads into customers.
  • Software: Equilibrium helps you track marketing, sales and all aspects of your operation — it also adds powerful quoting, ordering and scheduling capabilities.

“What They’re Saying”


“We’ve already seen improvements in our margins and Equilibrium’s built-in workflow ensures our salespeople collect better information about our showroom visitors.”
Randy Pooley, Exec. Director of National Sales, Showplace

“Our sales team can accurately quote and order any kitchen in minutes using Equilibrium. That puts us light years ahead of our competition!”
Judy Baldyga, Vice President, Central Supply Company

“BreakFront’s understanding of our industry uniquely positions them to help dealers tremendously.”
Mael Hernandez, President, Custom Cupboards

“I don’t know how we ever lived without Equilibrium.”
Kathy Meyer, Showroom Manager, Showplace

”We’ve added 2 points to our margins since implementing Equilibrium. And our sales reps are better managers of the business.  We can now focus on operational improvements and further streamlining our business.”
-Steve Ezzell, CFO, Markraft Cabinets

”You guys are awesome! At the end of the day it is all about service. When we call, you are always there and you quickly handle anything we throw at you.”
-Tim Hollick, Owner, Wood Palace Kitchens

”We eliminated the need for a sales coordinator because of Equilibrium. Things are simpler – it is a night and day difference from before.  We use to crunch numbers, now we manage the profitability of our jobs.”
-Scott Fuller, Sales Rep, Markraft Cabinets

”Innovative & needed in the industry… Equilibrium saves dealers time and money. By integrating dealers and manufacturers, it provides a seamless flow from design through order management all the way to accounting, while providing outstanding customer support.”
KBB Magazine Product Innovator Awards

”BreakFront works closely with manufacturers and has the only open solution which allows manufacturers and dealers to share data electronically with no middleman.”

”I would say that my capacity to handle orders has doubled — at least. I have the capability of pushing more orders through our facility without any additional staff whatsoever. Equilibrium orders are accurate every time.”
-Chip Rackley, Alamance Cabinets

”It is refreshing to see a software company, especially in this industry, so focused on customer support — it is something this industry has needed badly.”
-Kevin Smith, CFO, Marsh Furniture

“On average, I’d say that our sales rep time savings from using Equilibrium is to the tune of 25-30% of their time. This is paramount to me, because I want them out selling more kitchens. Paperwork has decreased significantly for our internal personnel as well because of Equilibrium. Last year we topped $6M in sales revenue. The key here is that I have not had to add any significant additional staff to achieve this volume. Equilibrium has given us the ability to put a lot more orders through this facility than we ever could have before, with a whole lot less errors”. 
-David Gainey, former KitchenArt employee

”The reason I chose to invest in Equilibrium was to ensure that as we continue to grow, we will have the controls in place to ensure consistancy within my sales force, control over margins, and reporting that allows for the type of analysis we need. By reducing errors and having tight control over mark ups we had already seen an improvement in gross profit margins.”
-David Trachten, Owner, Viking Kitchens


4M Sales Training

“The training course was very worthwhile.  I signed my first contract by using the techniques the Monday after 4M sales training.”
-Melinda Bell-Dietrich, Kitchen Art of South Florida

“4M was helpful because it contained a lot of great concepts integrated into an effective sales strategy.”
-Ricky Dorman, Kitchen Art of South Florida

“The training is very detailed and specific to the cabinet industry.  It’s great.”
-Brian Freeze, Southern Cabinet Company

“The training instilled the importance of executing on the basics.”
-Al Gazjuk, Southern Cabinet Company

“This training course was so valuable because it is specific to the type of sales that I am doing every day.”
-Shane Entrekin, 1st Choice Cabinetry

“This training course was extremely helpful because it helped me develop strategies to really sell myself.”
-Kristin Johnson, 1st Choice Cabinetry

“The course is a great thing for owners to do as well.  I took the concepts back to our employees and went through the concepts with them to use on their own. It’s wonderful to receive training that is this formal.  It’s helpful for anyone who is in the business.”
-Scott Dyke, Cavalier Kitchens

“I would absolutely recommend this course: I felt more confident leaving the course and actually closed a sale based on my new attitude the following day.”
-Sara Lee, Cavalier Kitchens

“The class made us think about how we did business and decide to do some things differently.”
-Bob Hales, Brock Cabinets

“Key questions were discussed that I personally had never thought of as a salesperson and the class’s integration was key in helping me adopt a new philosophy.”
-Randy Pope, Brock Cabinets 

Wealthy Shepherd Book

“This book uses a lot of common sense with sound principals of people working with people towards a common goal by focusing on who our customer is, what our value proposition is in serving them, and serving them with purpose the best that we can do! It also enlightens us as to what can be accomplished when our fellow employees are informed with useful knowledge, taught how to use it and empowered to use it. It shows us the value of getting the right people doing the right things and how they can make a difference such that they are self motivated. Finally it shows us that business should be fun and that there needs to be a balance between our time at work and our time with family!”
-Cliff Leath, Owner, 1st Choice Custom Cabinets

“The Wealthy Shepherd emphasizes the importance of mentors and fact-finding to individuals starting small businesses. On average, Kitchen and Bath dealers take up to 5 years to learn most of the lessons BreakFront has demonstrated so beautifully in this one small book. BreakFront’s originality consists of saying what you have to say because it is the truth.”
-Doug Haynes, CEO, Kitchen Art of South Florida, Inc.

“Fantastic story for the business community that helps unravel complexities, unlock secrets of the human spirit, and create pathways for success. This book is outstanding for the veteran business person or for those just beginning.”
-Joe Jacobus, President, Markraft Cabinets, Inc

“The Wealthy Shepherd makes it clear it’s ok to get rid of the misfit customers that make unreasonable demands; it’s less work for the sales force and more profit for the business. The Wealthy Shepherd defines success as knowing the value you are going to provide to your customers and how to do it at a profit.”
-Stephen F. Spencer, former CEO, Best Cabinets, Inc.

“A must have for any cabinet company’s library. I ordered a copy for every one of our salespeople.”
-Annette Rousos, former Cabinet Division Manager, Modern Builders Supply

“A must read for all sales people!!! The Wealthy Shepherd combines good, sound business practices in an easy to read but informative format.  I’ve always believed in treating your employees as you would want them to treat you best customers to be a win-win for all.  Hat’s off to BreakFront and The Wealthy Shepherd!”
-Tim Holick, Owner, Wood Palace Kitchens

“I think sometimes even the very best salespeople forget that life is about more than just closing sales. Personally, this book represents the high ethics we should all have when dealing with customers. I loved it. It’s also a great way to motivate salespeople towards the right actions for the right reasons. The bottom line is: it’s the only way to do business.”
-JT Anderson, President, Southern Kitchens

The Dealer’s Voice

“There are very few best reads specific to our industry that are dead on with issues we face today.  Each year I provide The Dealers Voice to our sales team to provide them with the most relevant and current insight to today’s business.  Our team shares this with our customers to help them deal with the business challenges we face.”
-Mark E. Legget, former VP of Sales, Kraftmaid Cabinetry

“This type of content is incredibly helpful to the Cabinet Industry.  The Dealer’s Voice has become a source of guidance for me and our team on numerous challenges we’ve overcome in the last year.”
-Tom Boschwitz, former President,  Home Valu Interiors

“I make sure I have an extra copy of The Dealer’s Voice to give to my dealers because I know they can financially benefit from the information provided within.”
-Simon Solomon, President, Ultracraft Cabinetry

“This contains solid fundamentals of running a highly profitable cabinet operation in a clear and concise format.  The Dealer’s Voice is easy to understand and I find the best practices highly effective after our dealers implement them.”
-Steven Nash, VP of Sales, Armstrong

“The Dealer’s Voice covers more than just best practices.  It also covers emerging techniques dealers can use to streamline their operations.  What I love about it is that the topics are based on hundreds of dealership studies – not just one.”
-Carlos Ansoategui, VP of Sales, Legacy Cabinets

“The Dealer’s Voice is the most educational and complete book on best practices for cabinet dealers and manufacturers.  It shows you how to keep focused on continuous improvement, develop sound strategies for success (and survival) and better structure the chaotic world of paperwork. ”
-Ron Mowat, VP of Training, MasterBrand Cabinets

“If you think you’ve been in the business long enough to have it all figured out-think again.  My family and I have been in the business for over 40 years and I still find new ideas in The Dealer’s Voice I can use to improve my operation.”
-David Trachten, Owner, Viking Kitchens

“If you have access to content like this and don’t read it, you’re really no better off than the fellow next to you who can’t read at all.”
-Jim Freeze, former Owner, Southern Cabinet Company

“BreakFront truly understands our industry and has a depth of knowledge that can only be gained through many years of experience and living it on a daily basis. In times like these it is important to have this experience working for your team.”
-Joe Jacobus, President, Markraft Cabinets

“It’s amazing to me that so many practical ideas can be presented in one forum.  It’s obvious that these articles were written by experienced cabinet industry individuals who have lived what we live on a daily basis.”
-Bryce Maryfield, former Owner, Arrowwood Cabinetry

“The concepts behind these articles are innovative and refreshing.  Anyone related to the cabinet industry could pick up this book and get something out of it that would be incredibly helpful to them. The level of detail is fantastic.”
-Tony Picciano, VP of Sales and Marketing, Modern Builders Supply, Inc.

“Just the sales process portion is an absolute must for every cabinet dealer.  I can forecast much more easily and our designers and management staff finally speak the same language.  The best part is we close more effectively and have happier customers now.”
-Doug Haynes, CEO, Kitchen Art

“The Dealer’s Voice represents the collective knowledge from the most successful aspects of every dealer’s operation.  While reading this on a plane ride, I realized things I could improve about my business the very next day.”
-Brad Schrock, Owner, KitchenLand USA

“There is no other place you can find this information – the subject matters are so in depth and in sync with what is actually going on in our industry. The Dealer’s Voice is a must read.”
-Joe Demussi, President, Direct Cabinet Sales

“I’ve always believed in the value of great content, provided it is specific and relevant to its audience.  The Dealer’s Voice not only delivers great content to cabinet dealers and manufacturers, but it also provides valuable lessons learned that every dealer should know.”
-Doug Krainman, former Publisher, Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine