EQ DashboardAll-in-One Operational Management Software

Equilibrium is ideally situated between design and accounting and brings your whole operation together in one integrated solution with powerful quoting, ordering, scheduling and process control features.

Get visibility: Monitor and control your operation so you can see everything.
Streamline: Convert your operation into a simple series of steps that even your grandmother could follow.
Analyze: Measure and improve all aspects of how you sell, order and execute a job.


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“We’ve already seen improvements in our margins and Equilibrium’s built-in workflow ensures our salespeople collect better information about our showroom visitors.”
Randy Pooley, Exec. Director of National Sales, Showplace

“Our sales team can accurately quote and order any kitchen in minutes using Equilibrium. That puts us light years ahead of our competition!”
Judy Baldyga, Vice President, Central Supply Company

“BreakFront’s understanding of our industry uniquely positions them to help dealers tremendously.”
Mael Hernandez, President, Custom Cupboards

“I don’t know how we ever lived without Equilibrium.”
Kathy Meyer, Showroom Manager, Showplace

”We’ve added 2 points to our margins since implementing Equilibrium. And our sales reps are better managers of the business.  We can now focus on operational improvements and further streamlining our business.”
-Steve Ezzell, CFO, Markraft Cabinets

”You guys are awesome! At the end of the day it is all about service. When we call, you are always there and you quickly handle anything we throw at you.”
-Tim Hollick, Owner, Wood Palace Kitchens

”We eliminated the need for a sales coordinator because of Equilibrium. Things are simpler – it is a night and day difference from before.  We use to crunch numbers, now we manage the profitability of our jobs.”
-Scott Fuller, Sales Rep, Markraft Cabinets

”Innovative & needed in the industry… Equilibrium saves dealers time and money. By integrating dealers and manufacturers, it provides a seamless flow from design through order management all the way to accounting, while providing outstanding customer support.”
KBB Magazine Product Innovator Awards

”BreakFront works closely with manufacturers and has the only open solution which allows manufacturers and dealers to share data electronically with no middleman.”

”I would say that my capacity to handle orders has doubled — at least. I have the capability of pushing more orders through our facility without any additional staff whatsoever. Equilibrium orders are accurate every time.”
-Chip Rackley, Alamance Cabinets

”It is refreshing to see a software company, especially in this industry, so focused on customer support — it is something this industry has needed badly.”
-Kevin Smith, CFO, Marsh Furniture

“On average, I’d say that our sales rep time savings from using Equilibrium is to the tune of 25-30% of their time. This is paramount to me, because I want them out selling more kitchens. Paperwork has decreased significantly for our internal personnel as well because of Equilibrium. Last year we topped $6M in sales revenue. The key here is that I have not had to add any significant additional staff to achieve this volume. Equilibrium has given us the ability to put a lot more orders through this facility than we ever could have before, with a whole lot less errors”. 
-David Gainey, former KitchenArt employee

”The reason I chose to invest in Equilibrium was to ensure that as we continue to grow, we will have the controls in place to ensure consistancy within my sales force, control over margins, and reporting that allows for the type of analysis we need. By reducing errors and having tight control over mark ups we had already seen an improvement in gross profit margins.”
-David Trachten, Owner, Viking Kitchens

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