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4M Sales Training

“The training course was very worthwhile.  I signed my first contract by using the techniques the Monday after 4M sales training.”
-Melinda Bell-Dietrich, Kitchen Art of South Florida

“4M was helpful because it contained a lot of great concepts integrated into an effective sales strategy.”
-Ricky Dorman, Kitchen Art of South Florida

“The training is very detailed and specific to the cabinet industry.  It’s great.”
-Brian Freeze, Southern Cabinet Company

“The training instilled the importance of executing on the basics.”
-Al Gazjuk, Southern Cabinet Company

“This training course was so valuable because it is specific to the type of sales that I am doing every day.”
-Shane Entrekin, 1st Choice Cabinetry

“This training course was extremely helpful because it helped me develop strategies to really sell myself.”
-Kristin Johnson, 1st Choice Cabinetry

“The course is a great thing for owners to do as well.  I took the concepts back to our employees and went through the concepts with them to use on their own. It’s wonderful to receive training that is this formal.  It’s helpful for anyone who is in the business.”
-Scott Dyke, Cavalier Kitchens

“I would absolutely recommend this course: I felt more confident leaving the course and actually closed a sale based on my new attitude the following day.”
-Sara Lee, Cavalier Kitchens

“The class made us think about how we did business and decide to do some things differently.”
-Bob Hales, Brock Cabinets

“Key questions were discussed that I personally had never thought of as a salesperson and the class’s integration was key in helping me adopt a new philosophy.”
-Randy Pope, Brock Cabinets