Equilibrium (EQ) Does More for Kitchen Dealers Than Any Other Software

EQ-ScreenshotsEquilibrium Software

The software that brought the Kitchen & Bath Industry to the technology age. Run your entire business through EQ and have access to all your orders, from anywhere, anytime, for however long you want.

Bake your process and pricing into EQ, and never have to train a salesperson how to “price” again. The system does it all, automatically. Hire a new person? Just teach them the EQ process and they’re off and running, the way they’re supposed to be. Consistently. Quickly. Efficiently. Amazingly….

EQ will manage your customers & opportunities, your quotes and orders, your purchase orders, your scheduling, your service orders and a lot more, and do it the exact way you want it done, every time.

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Equilibrium Software

Equilibrium Software

Equilibrium Software to Run Your Business

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