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Grow Your Margins

“We’ve already seen improvements in our margins and Equilibrium’s built-in workflow ensures our salespeople collect better information about our showroom visitors.”

Randy Pooley, Exec. Director of National Sales, Showplace

Find Your Edge

“Our sales team can accurately quote and order any kitchen in minutes using Equilibrium. That puts us light years ahead of our competition!”
Judy Baldyga, Vice President, Central Supply Company

Build Your Business

”We’ve added 2 points to our margins since implementing Equilibrium. And our sales reps are better managers of the business.  We can now focus on operational improvements and further streamlining our business.”
-Steve Ezzell, CFO, Markraft Cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equilibrium?
Equilibrium is an award-winning, proven software solution for kitchen & bath dealers, remodelers and homebuilding supply companies.

Equilibrium gives businesses the ability to:

  • Have everything go through one system, and stay there forever to reference instead of relying on your ability to find paperwork.
  • Have a system that contains everything you sell, everyone you sell to, everyone you buy from…everything you do.
  • Respond to customers more quickly and accurately using Equilibrium’s quoting and version control.  Quotes can easily be converted in orders and jobs can be tracked seamlessly through delivery, installation, service and warranty.
  • Control what employees see using Equilibrium’s customizable roles and privileges.  Your team sees what you want them to see.
  • Analyze real time metrics about sales and operations via Equilibrium’s industry-specific dashboards – proven to add insight into your decision making and developed by industry experts who have run multi-million dollar cabinet dealerships and remodeling firms.
  • Work remotely using Equilibrium’s cloud-based access, available from anywhere there is an Internet connection (including tablets like the iPad).
  • Track leads and showroom visitors using Equilibrium’s customer relationship management (CRM) features.
  • Centralize the quoting and purchasing of all products and services using both industry-specific catalogs as well as catalogs you can create on your own.
  • Centralized file storage using Equilibrium’s unlimited file storage capabilities.  Users can upload layouts, contracts, pictures, video, blueprints and more.
  • Gain visibility of multiple jobs in one place using Equilibrium’s integrated scheduling calendar where users can see deliveries, installs, service work, and more.
  • Manage and understand the financial impact of service work via Equilibrium’s service and warranty tracking features.
  • Eliminate rekeying in between sales and purchasing as well as into accounting systems by using Equilibrium’s electronic sales and purchase orders.
Why should I use Equilibrium?
Equilibrium gives you control of your business, plain and simple. It standardizes your entire business process, or gives you a better one.

In addition, EQ allows you to enhance the customers’ buying experience and match your processes to how today’s customer actually buys.

Do I have to change the way I do business to use Equilibrium?
Absolutely not; Equilibrium was built as a platform with strong workflow control so that you can configure it to match the way you do business.  If the future brings change, you can make minor changes in Equilibrium to match your new business structure.  Equilibrium was designed to allow you to conduct business the way you want to operate. With that said, if you’re ready to make improvements to your business processes, we know all about how to make you better, and EQ will be your vehicle.
Can I quote everything I sell in Equilibrium?
Yes. Equilibrium wants you to have absolutely everything related to the job in one system. You’ll be so glad when you have to reference that job in the future. EQ has a comprehensive quoting engine and can be setup to sell any product or service on the market. Of course, its strength is in handling complex products like cabinets and other “special order sales” items, but catalogs can be created for virtually anything you sell.
Doesn’t design do most of what Equilibrium does?
Not even close. While some design programs allow you to price parts of your projects, Equilibrium allows you to assemble a total package price of all components of the job, and everything related to it. From complex cabinet catalogs to countertops, sinks, faucets, flooring and more, all products and labor can be quoted, ordered, scheduled and punched through Equilibrium.  Additionally, Equilibrium has a powerful workflow engine designed to streamline all aspects of your operation for maximum revenue generation and streamlined operations that prevent margin erosion.

Think of it this way. 5 years after you sell and complete a job, the customer comes back in and wants to add some things. What do you have to do to find all the original job info? Most dealers would have to search through boxes of paper to find the job folder. They would have to look on hard drives to see if they can find the original .kit file from the 2020 design (or other design program). Most likely that would only give them a small piece of the info on the job. They would have to consult with acknowledgements to see what was actually ordered (since it might be different than what’s on paper or in design file). The process could take hours.

With EQ, everything is at your fingertips in seconds.

Doesn’t my accounting system do most of what Equilibrium does?
At best, your accounting system is  a rear view mirror approach to your business issues.  Accounting systems do well in very limited functions for the Kitchen & Bath industry: General Ledger, Invoicing, Paying Bills, and Payroll.  Equilibrium gives you business intelligence before, during and after the sale. Accounting systems predominantly concentrate only on what happened after the customer’s invoice has been paid. Think of your accounting system more as a score keeper after the fact.  Equilibrium does, however, communicate with a number of accounting systems and custom integration is possible with most accounting systems.
Does Equilibrium give visibility to multi-location businesses?
Yes, in fact, that is one of the greatest strengths of the software. Business owners can drill down into locations as groups, or individuals inside locations and report on closing rates, forecast sales, segment customers and determine the overall  effectiveness of marketing, sales and operations.  You can even compare location performance to determine if you have internal inefficiencies that need some attention.
How much does Equilibrium Cost?

Here at Breakfront Software, we know that each and ever cabinet business has a unique story and heritage. With that unique journey comes unique challenges and needs. During your free demo, we will work with you to customize a package to perfectly fit your needs and challenges.

The real question you are asking is if this investment in your business will help you build and grow your company.

Think of Equilibrium as the low-cost assistant to each of your sales and operation teams members. Most businesses scale up labor when demand spikes and cut back well after the curve of demand abates. Equilibrium allows you to keep an even labor to sales relationship and, in fact, allows some business to cut back on employee expense. Additionally, most customers report an increase in gross margin after on-boarding. 

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