Catalog Creator

Create Catalogs for the things you need

Catalogs in Equilibrium are a great way to save time – and money. No longer will salespeople have to key products by hand and then spend hours calculating the same prices over-and-over. By simply picking pre-defined items from a list, they can quote faster and more accurately, allowing you to close more sales opportunities – with margins that will keep you out of the red.
And with greater accuracy comes the added benefit of less employees needed to double and triple check everyone’s work. You may just find that sales assistants and other administrative help aren’t quite as mission-critical anymore. And those unnecessary payroll dollars can drop straight to the bottom line.
Equilibrium’s Catalog Creator allows you to:

  • Create Catalogs: Create catalots for any product or service you sell with a very simple import from Excel.
  • Standardized Process: Standardize your quoting and ordering processes and regain control of your margins.
  • Improve Purchasing: Flag stoc items and improve your purchasing process


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