How to Apply Manufacturer Promotions in Catalogs to your Items

Frequently, manufacturers have promotions that discount certain items in your catalogs. At Breakfront we always like to see those promotions become part of the catalog, so you can easily apply them to your items to get the discounts. Especially since those promotions usually affect your cost.

If you find that a promotion is not shown in one of your catalogs, email your promotion to so we can get it added to the catalog.

Here’s how to apply promotions to your items:

First – Applying a Promo to Multiple Items

Promotions are done as “Modifications” in your catalogs. So they’re just like applying any other modifications to your items, but they are classified under the “Promotions” modification type.

Step 1 – Select the items you want to apply the promotion to

Either use the “Select All” button at the top of your line items (then un-select the ones you don’t want to apply the promo to), or you can just individually select the items to apply the promo to by clicking the checkbox on each item.

IMPORTANT! When selecting multiple items to apply a promotion to, make sure you ONLY select items from that catalog. If you use “Select All” you may be selecting other supplier’s products as well. Un-select those before applying the promotion.

Step 2 – Pick the Desired Promo and Apply it to the Selected Items

Once you have the items selected, go to the “Edit” menu, and pick “Apply Modifications”

This will bring up the Modifications window. From there pick the “Type” dropdown, and choose “Promotions”.

Now you’ll see all the promotions available in that catalog. Select the promotion you want to apply to your selected items, and hit “Add Selected Modifications”.

Your promo is now added to all your selected items. If you expand out a line item (hit the plus button on the left of it) you can see the promo on it.

Second Option – Adding a Promo to Only 1 Item

If you’re only adding a promo to 1 item, a “Free Sink Base” for example, then you don’t need to do these steps. All you do is expand out the item (plus button) you want to add the promo to, click the “Add Modification” button, and add the promotion the same way.

That’s it. If you have any questions on promotions or how they work, emails us at

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