March EQ Feature Updates!

The following feature updates are now live in EQ.

1) Copy Selections to Other Item Groups on Selections Tab

If you’ve ever had multiple items groups with cabinets from the same catalog in them, you’ll remember that you have to pick the selections on the selections tab for every item group. Even though they might be the same selections, in the same catalog. Well that’s not true anymore. Now you can choose your selections for one of the item groups, and click the button to copy those selections to the other item groups that have cabinets from the same catalog.

NOTE: When you click this button, it will copy whichever selections you’ve chosen only. You don’t have to pick everything, just the ones that are the same before clicking to copy them. Then you can choose the other ones that may be different in each item group.

2) You Can Now Give Roles Access to do Negative Cost OR Negative Sell on Misc Items

If you need to ever do a negative cost on an item, or a negative sell price (for a credit, for example), you can now determine which roles can do this function.

To give access to this function, when you edit a role you’ll see a new section under both Quotes and Orders where you can give access to doing negative “Cost”, “Sell” or both.

Once you have a role that has access to do one or both of these, any user with that role can add a Misc Item and put in negative numbers.

Anyone that does not have that approved in their role will get an error that they are not allowed to do negative numbers in Cost or Sell (depending on what access they have).

NOTE: This access can be different for Quotes or Orders. You’ll see the setting under both sections.

3) Improvements to Emails Sent by Workflow

We’ve revamped the emails you receive when an Order hits certain Workflow steps (defined by your organization).

Previously, this is the email message you would receive:

The new message you’ll receive includes much more information, including Salesperson/Designer, Customer / Job Info and more as shown below:

4) Unique Job ID Added to Job Form and Column

For those that integrate EQ with accounting systems, you may reference the unique JOB ID from EQ that was previouly not shown in EQ. We now show that unique Job ID on the Opp/Job edit form:

AND you can also show this column in the Opps/Jobs list:

4) Other Improvements

1) A bug where {brackets} in 2020 import files would mess up the import process has been fixed
2) When creating tasks, the speed of populating the “Assign to” has been dramatically improved
3) On the Opps/Jobs List, the “Show Lost” filter has been fixed to show better results
4) On the Business Directory, some issues with the “Show” filters in the sidekick have been fixed
5) The size of the windows in the Roles Wizard has been increased to show more information
6) If you type in a long “Item Group Name”, it will now wrap on proposals/contracts so it doesn’t get cut off
7) A bug where the order/sequence of line items in an Item Group might change when you move the Item Group has been fixed
8) Some improvements have been made to Workflow enforcing certain limits
9) The title under your company’s signature line for Proposals and Contracts has been changed to “Dealer Authorized Signature” to meet legal and process requirements for most dealers

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