Second February EQ Updates!


EQ has been updated with MASSIVE performance updates in the 2 most needed parts of EQ.

1) Deleting Items – Deleting items is SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER now. You can delete 1 item, many selected items, an item group or an entire room in seconds.

2) Catalog Switcher – Catalog switcher is SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER now. Again, it takes seconds to switch multiple items.


We’ve added notifications when someone makes a comment on an order. That means if someone enters a comment, you’ll see a red notification telling you so.

Step 1 – Someone adds a comment:

Step 2 – A notification shows all around EQ

First – these notifications show in your order:

Also you can click the header bar to see your notifications:

And you can see that there’s a notification on your order in the Order list:


We hope you enjoy these new updates!

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