February EQ Feature Updates!

The following feature updates are now live in EQ.

1) Contract Pricing! You Can Now LOCK Your Price on an Order so it Doesn’t Change

Major Feature! Now you can have your price LOCKED (either manually or via workflow step) so that the “Contract Price” won’t change, even if you make changes to the line items or prices.

This is described in a different post. To see the details click here.

2) PO’s are Now Ordered by the Items with the MOST Selections at the TOP

When you have a cabinet Purchase Order, and there are line items with a different number of selections on them, they wouldn’t be ordered in any particular order/sequence. Now the line items with the MOST selections on them will show at the top of the PO, and then the 2nd set of items with the 2nd most selections, and so on. This way you see at the top the full set of selections without having to scroll down the PO.

3) When Sending Proposals or Purchase Orders Do NOT Blind Copy Recipients

Previously if you sent a PO or Proposal/Contract, and copied yourself or another person, you and the others would be “blind copied” so you would not be able to see everyone it was sent to. Now all recipients show on the “To” line on the email, so you can see / verify who you sent it to. 

4) Customer Type Now Added as a Column in the Business Directory

You can now select “Customer Type” as a column in the Business Directory.

5) Line Items on the Audit Report Now Show in Sequential Order Always

Previously sometimes the line items on the Audit Report would be out of sequential order. Now they’re always sequential. 

6) In the Workflow Wizard Windows, Some of the Pages were not Scrollable. Now They are. 

7) Accounting Reference Number Added to Purchase Orders

If your accounting system is integrated with EQ, Purchase Orders now have an “Accounting Reference Number” field that can store the associated PO number from your accounting system for reference.

8) Other Misc Fixes

– Improvements to Document Attachments so you Don’t get an Error Message About Size

– At certain times when you create an Opportunity, it would show the wrong location when you go back into it. This has been fixed.

– Improved Messages When Emailing PO’s

– Integration Features for Accounting Systems

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