Can I Give Everyone Access to the Management Dashboard?

We frequently hear users wanting to allow salespeople to see their sales, but don’t want to open up access to confuse or bombard them with all the other salespeople information.

HAVE NO FEAR – Even on the Management Dashboard, users ONLY see the data they’re already permitted to see. The Dashboard is driven by the person’s Role, and only shows what their Role says they can see.

So if I’m a salesperson, and I only have access to see my own orders, if you give me the Management Dashboard I’ll see all the Widgets on it, but they will ONLY contain data on MY Opportunities and Sales. No one else’s.

Whereas a manager, who might have access to see everyone’s sales at a certain location, will see all that same data they already have access to see. And no more.

So…the answer is YES. It’s safe to give anyone access to the Management Dashboard since it’s just a management view of what they already have access to.

For a visual – Here’s what someone would see on the Management Dashboard who manages Joe Elliott, Kip Winger, Tom Petty and Alan Parsons (and has access to see what they do).

And here’s what Alan Parsons would see if he only has access to see his own sales data.