2nd Set of March 2022 Updates – New Features / Fixes

In addition to the previous updates to EQ, the following changes are now live.

Changes to Proposals & Contracts to Make Them Look More Modern

These are the first of many changes that will be happening to Proposals and Contracts over the coming months. They are changes to make them look more modern and clean.

These first changes are visible on all the Contracts, and some of the Proposals, but not all of the Proposals yet.

The first change is that the font has changed to be a more modern font. Other changes are below:

1) Proposal / Contract Header Changes

The header section of Proposals & Contracts has been updated to look more clean by removing the boxes around all the fields.

NEW Header


OLD Header


2) Proposal / Contract Detail Changes

Lines Added Between Line Items

We’ve added very light lines between all the line items on the line item Contracts to better separate the lines.

New Line Item Contract lines

Old Line Item Contract (No Lines)

Cleaned Up “Totals” Section

We’ve cleaned up the Totals by removing the boxes around all the numbers.

New Totals Section



Old Totals Section

MovedĀ  Line Item “Notes” Underneath the Line Item

Previously there was an entire column for line item Notes. Most of the time it was wasted space because the Description would stop short of the width of the report to make room for the Notes, even if there were no Notes.

Now the Description takes up most of the page width, and the notes show below the line item.

New Notes on Line Item Contracts


Old Notes Column

3) Major Performance Improvement when Bulk Deleting Selections or Modifications

Previously when selecting a lot of line items and choosing bulk edit / delete selections or modifications it would take a while to finish. This has been improved to be very fast to accomplish.

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