The 4M Sales Training

The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to become proficient at selling value instead of price and to expand the sale of a qualified buyer. BreakFront’s 4M Sales Process is a comprehensive methodology custom built for our industry proven to increase sales.

  • Modeled after the Naturals: 4M was developed from interviews with the nation’s top selling designers (a.k.a. the Naturals) who sell $2M+/yr.
  • 4 Step Sales Process: Four simple steps to advanced sales production for you and your sales team.
  • Selling differently: While your competitors may be focused on discounting to gain market share, we will show you how you can stay firm on price and still increase sales.


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Meet (qualify)

Learning how to properly qualify is crucial to breaking the $1M/yr. sales barrier.

  • 4MMeetQualify:  Effectively qualify prospects – and qualify yourself and your company as a valuable partner.
  • Capture: Gather important details about the project as well as budget targets and key prospect motivations.
  • Educate. Learn to properly educate prospects beyond just product features. Learn how to position yourself as a trusted advisor instead of a salesperson.



Measuring is a time to bond with prospects, uncover upgrade opportunities and ensure prospects are indeed ready to move forward.

  • Selling to the why:  Learn how to identify true prospect motivations and how to create compelling solutions to prospect challenges.
  • Expanding the sale: Find areas that drive the prospect’s emotions and capitalize on key up-sell opportunities.
  • Early commitment: Learn to protect your selling hours by gaining initial commitments before moving the deal forward. This cuts down on prospects who like to shop designs as well as buyer’s remorse.


Match (design)

Learn to present your designs in a unique way and position yourself to win.

  • Presenting. Explore how to present your solutions in a unique and compelling way.
  • Summarizing: Learn to summarize your understanding of prospect’s wants and needs and identify key problems that need to be solved.
  • Competition. Use proven techniques to thwart price sensitive buyers and competitive bidding situations.



Make the Deal (close)

Make the proper preparations for the close and learn valuable negotiation techniques for different types of buyers.

  • Preparation: Learn what to prepare beforehand, including promtions and discounts you’re willing to offer.
  • Negotiating. Learn effective negotiation strategies and how to avoid prospects who love to “nibble.”
  • Closing for today: Learn to ask for the business and keep the prospect’s excitement for the project at an all time high.