orange bags at a trade showWith kitchen cabinet sales still down, it has become extremely easy to find excuses to avoid traveling to professional trade shows: your car won’t survive the trip; the airfare is too high; your family needs you at home, etc. You may, however, be missing out on a positive opportunity for your career as a kitchen cabinet dealer. These trade shows, such as the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the International Builders’ Show (IBS), could help revitalize your kitchen and bath business during these hard economic times by offering education, networking, marketing, and rejuvenating opportunities.

1. Education:

With discouraging trends in the kitchen and bath and remodeling industry and the subsequent increase in competition, it is even more vital now than ever to stay on top of your game. Education is one way you can do this. Both the KBIS and IBS trade shows offer a variety of educational opportunities. For example, you can earn KBIS continuing education units through presentations at exhibitors’ booths. IBS offers over 200 education sessions related to sales and marketing. A former attendee speaks to this on the KBIS website: “I went to KBIS to learn one new thing and I was blown away with all the information I brought back with me that will help my business. It was a great show!”

2. Networking:

Trade shows also offer a variety of opportunities to network with individuals in other industries, other kitchen cabinet dealers, and suppliers. KBIS, for example, draws individuals from architecture, building/remodeling, cabinetry, dealerships, design, fabrication, home centers, installation, plumbing, and hardware. The IBS convenes over 50,000 professionals from over 100 countries.  Networking at these trade shows could lead to partnerships and future business leads, as a former attendee attests: “This was my first visit to KBIS and I absolutely loved it. It was great to see so many products in one place. I was able to network with some of my suppliers and meet new ones! It was inspiring to see the new trends. I was pumped to get back to work on my designs!”

3. Market Your Kitchen Cabinet Dealership:

Attending trade shows also gives you unique marketing opportunities. At IBS, for example, you can exhibit your kitchen cabinet dealership, giving you the opportunity to also be featured in an additional press release. Your plan doesn’t have to involve an expensive exhibition, it can be even more beneficial to get a showroom pass and have the freedom to walk the entire floor and network at your own pace.

4. Rejuvenate:

When business is slower than usual, it can sometimes be hard to remember why you entered the kitchen cabinet industry. Attending a trade show will help you rediscover that passion as you continue to learn, network with others, and market your kitchen cabinet dealership.  “KBIS is like a drinking a Red Bull,” one former attendee claims. “It gives me a burst of energy that lights up my imagination. Look out customers, here I come.”

For more information about these trade shows, visit the KBIS and IBS websites! Come visit us at booth 3951 at KBIS.