MegaphoneWe talk a lot about getting in tune with your customers and hearing what they have to say. The reality is that you’re probably still not in a conversation with them until they walk into the store. Now, we blog frequently here (if you haven’t noticed) and you may be thinking that it’s our biased opinion that we think you should get online and start blogging about your company. We promise it’s not. Creating a line of communication with your customers outside of the showroom is a huge deal to them in the Greenhouse phase of their  remodeling project.

Why You Should Begin Blogging

  • Your prospects are already blogging about their remodeling projects, why not monitor what they are talking about and join in?
  • Nobody reads informational mailers anymore – which means blogging is one way to get prospects to read what you’re saying.
  • Your blog and keywords you blog about become searchable on the internet.
  • You get the opportunity to create a forum to answer questions your clients (and probably every other person doing a remodel) may have.
  • Your blog can convey your companys “personality” and customers can get a sense they know you just from reading your blog.

Research is the first step in the remodeling process. Your customers are going to be looking up information on cabinets, what to expect while remodeling etc. Where is your company’s information falling in this mix? And how do we think a blog would help? Simple, it shows that you take time to sit down and talk with your customers.

A weekly blog post can be on anything from the latest project you did, to a new cabinetry line you’ve got.  Open up a question and answer with prospects and try to help them solve their problems. It is much less intimidating to post a question on a company’s blog than it is to actually walk in their showroom and ask the question. Make finding information easy for your customers.

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