a speech and a calloutYou get these emails all the time. I get these emails all the time. Anyone who has ever given their email address to buy something from a store gets these emails all the time. And you know what happens to them? They go straight into the trash and are deleted into cyberspace before ever being opened.  These emails clog up your inbox, kill your phone battery (if you’re getting email alerts), and really just annoy the heck out of everyone.

So, tell me why you’re sending these emails to your lead lists?

You’ve been caught

But it’s ok; it’s not easy breaking the habit. When there’s a huge discount in prices, a cool new package offer, or anything else remotely exciting, you just want to scream it from the rooftops and email everyone you know. Unfortunately, all you’ve done by sending that email is annoy your potential customers. And when you blasted it the second and third time (in four days) you’ve just solidified to them that the sale isn’t really a one day only thing, and you’ve now made them price sensitive.

At first, it sounds like a great idea to send out an email every day, or every week to show off your latest promotion, but as you well know, those emails just go in the trash folder, and that person is likely to hit the dreaded unsubscribe button, disappearing forever. There is a better approach, one that will yield you better results.

Quit it with the pestering emails already

Seriously, don’t email your lead lists, customer lists, or whatever list you’ve got, every time you’ve got a promotion running. In the old adage “you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar,” your leads are the bees and your pushy emails are the vinegar.

Take a different approach to connecting with your leads through email. Instead of being the flashy sign that tells them you’re running a promotion, why don’t you offer them some sound advice? When a consumer is ready to do their next remodel, they don’t do it because they came across an email that said cabinets and countertops were 99% off. They do it because they have found a business they trust to create the space they want.  Annoying them will not get them into your showroom (and it will make them unhappy with your brand, and we all know how that works out).

Stay calm, they will come.

Provide sound advice on your website and send thoughtful emails, and you will show that you can be of help to them in more than just a pricing discount way. Aim to be someone that they return to for future projects because you were a partner to them during their first. Work on sending emails only when you have something of value, like tips on how to get through your remodel successfully, or what styles are trending this year.

It’s time to stop with the spammy emails, and start providing content that they will use. Because we all know that one more “SAVE NOW EVERYTHING IS FREE FOR THE NEXT 36 HOURS” email isn’t going to get you anywhere (we also know there’s a catch).

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