Design trend blogsChances are if you’re reading our Dealer’s Voice blog you’re already light years ahead of kitchen cabinet dealers who refuse to get out of the stone age. One of the best ways to keep up with the latest trends your customers will demand, is to keep up with with those who write about kitchen design in the “blogosphere.” However, searching through the mountains of content out there can make finding quality posts tricky. There sure are a lot of people trying to make money off bogus blogs just pushing advertisements!

On today’s post we want to highlight some really fantastic bloggers out there who write about the latest on what’s happening in kitchen cabinet design.  You’ll find that the more you keep current the easier it is to keep up with what customers want during the kitchen design process. Here are a few notable blogs that are on our radar:

The Calgary Kitchen and Cabinet Blog

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Knobs vs. Handles: How to Choose the right Hardware for your Cabinet

Not many manufacturers keep blogs, and when they do much of it focuses directly on selling their own products. But for Signature Kitchen Builders, a manufacturer and distributor of residential cabinetry in Southern Alberta, they keep their blog fresh with a mix of industry news, design suggestions, and happenings at their own company.  They also have a very interesting recurring feature on their blog entitled “Ask the Cabinet Maker” where they answer frequent questions from customers.

The Kitchen Designer

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HGTV Design Star Kitchen Episode

Susan Serra is one of the biggest names in kitchen design, and also one of the industry’s most prominent bloggers. According to Susan she’s “done a million kitchens. From volume track condo kitchens to NYC apartments to lovely suburban mainstream once-in-a-lifetime kitchens, to truly state of the art, fabulous suburban and resort kitchens”. While her blog focuses on far more than just cabinets she does understand the key role they play in the overall kitchen.

Kitchen Design Notes

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Critiquing Kitchen Design and Cabinetry

This blog is maintained by Laurie Burke, an independent manufacturers’ sales rep based out of Southern California, who really “gets” cabinets. Laurie offers insight on current design trends and practical advice on maintenance for consumers.  She also responds to reader questions from time to time with well-researched responses.