May 2022 Update – New Features / Fixes

The following are new features & fixes added May 13, 2022. These features include “Fuel Surcharge” feature, expandable Descriptions and Notes feature and some bug fixes as well. 

1) New “Fuel Surcharge” Functionality

Many dealers get charged “Fuel Surcharges” from their manufacturers and suppliers because of the increased cost of fuel. EQ now gives you that same ability to charge a “Fuel Surcharge” to your customers to cover these increased prices in fuel. The proposals/contracts (the ones that show that level of detail) will also show the fuel surcharge on them for your customers to see. 

Here’s how to use this new feature:

Step 1 – In Setup – under Locations, there’s a new setting for each Location to enable “Fuel Surcharges”. 

Step 2 – Once that’s enabled, you’ll see the Fuel Surcharge box on the Pricing tab of your orders. You can put in whatever charge you want in that field, and it will be included in the totals. 

Step 3 – Any Proposals / Contracts that include the detailed pricing totals will then show that Fuel Surcharge at the bottom. 

NOTE: Based on the most common accounting practices, Fuel Surcharge follows the “Delivery is Taxable” setting in the Location setup. So if Delivery is marked as “Taxable”, then the Fuel Surcharge will be treated as taxable as well. 


2) Expandable Description Box to Edit Descriptions

That tiny Descriptions box (and Notes too!) are now expandable so you can see and edit the entire thing. When you edit a line item, you’ll see 2 new boxes to expand the Description or Notes fields. 

When you click either of those, you’ll see a window pop up to see and edit the entire Description or Note. 

Edit the way you want and hit “Save” to finish. 

NOTE: Remember that only Notes are editable for Catalog Items (descriptions for catalog items are driven by the catalog). But for Misc Items you can edit the Description or Notes all you want. 

3) Misc Bug Fixes

1) PO History now only writes 1 line for sending an PO via email to multiple recipients (instead of 1 line for each email). 

2) The “Change Name” feature of Proposals / Contracts was not working correctly on some of the Proposals/Contracts. This is fixed. 

3) A bug that prevented changing workflow for multiple orders at once has been fixed.


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