2nd Set of Aug 2023 EQ Feature Updates

The following feature updates are now live in EQ.

1) Additional Options in PO Reference Number Generation

Previously you had a couple of options if you wanted to use an “intelligent” PO number (for example, if you wanted the salesperson’s initials as part of the PO Number or a location abbreviation). We’ve added more options in each list to choose from, and added another level. Before there was a Prefix and a Root option. Now you have a Prefix, Root and Suffix option, and you can choose from the same lists for each of them.

Here’s how it works:

Each of the 3 lists (Prefix, Root and Suffix) have the same options. You can choose which detail from each of them to build your PO Reference Number.

For example, if I chose a Prefix of “Location Abbreviation”, a Root of “Salesperson Initials” and a Suffix of “Standard PO#”, my PO Reference might look like this:


And so forth. If you are using the Standard PO# we recommend putting that one last as the Suffix. Otherwise the letter at the end of the PO # will go after the suffix.

If you’re not familiar with PO Reference Numbers, basically it’s you telling EQ “This is what I want to use for PO Numbers on my Purchase Orders”. And the Reference Number is what will show on your PO if you have this option turned on.

2) Catalog Items Can Now be Marked “Non-Taxable”

Previously on catalog items the “Taxable” checkbox was disabled. That’s because catalog items had to be taxable. Now that checkbox is enabled, so you can check it or un-check it to determine if any catalog item is taxable or not.

3) We Changed the Word “Regards” on the email message when sending Proposals or PO’s to “Thank You”. 

We made a simple text change based on popular request to make the emails end with “Thank You”, instead of “Regards”.

We love your feedback! Let us know what you think at support@breakfront.com