Sept 2022 EQ Feature Updates

1) Two New Line Item Contracts

Two new line item contracts have been added for each of the “Contract Summaries”. One with line item pricing, and one without line item pricing. 

These new contracts do not group the line items by catalog, they just list the items. On the current line item contracts there’s a group header for each catalog. If you don’t want that grouping you can use these new contracts.

This is what the current contracts look like, where the line items are grouped with a header for each catalog:

The new line item contracts do NOT group the items by catalog, and the header bar is excluded like this:

NOTE: Don’t worry that we’re adding more proposals/contracts. Soon you’ll be able to mark the ones you like as “Favorites” and limit your list to just your favorites.


2) Specbooks Import

We’ve added a new import format when importing line items into your quote or order. Specbooks is a program that allows you to collect products for your prospect and present them in a nice visual format, with detailed specs and pictures.

You can now export your Specbooks project items, and import them into your EQ quote or order.

You’ll notice on the line item import that there’s now a “Specbooks” option.

The import groups your Specbooks items by manufacturer, and you can either map them to an EQ catalog and have EQ price the items, OR you can import them as Misc Items and bring in description and cost/sell information from the Specbooks export.

After picking your Specbooks import file, you’ll see the manufacturers/suppliers listed to import in the “Supplier” column.

Map the catalogs by selecting the catalog from the dropdown under “To Catalog” for each supplier listed.

Alternatively, you can choose to import the line items as Misc Items. If you choose this option, it does not map those line items to a catalog. It imports them as Misc Items and populates the product code, description, cost and price from the Specbooks export. You might choose this option if you’re importing items you do not have an EQ catalog for.

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