April 2023 EQ Feature Updates

The following feature updates are now live in EQ.

1) Mods Now Recognized and Switch in Catalog Switcher

If you have modifications on cabinets, and switch the cabinets to another catalog using the “Catalog Switcher”, the modification will also switch to the new catalog if there is a match. Mods don’t usually have matches across manufacturers since they all name things differently, but this is very helpful if you’re switching within a MFG or to another version of the same catalog. 

2) Improvements to Installation Charges

There are 2 improvements on the installation charges of a line item. 

First – if you “override” a catalog item by making it a Misc Item, you can also now change the installation cost / sell. Just make sure “Charge for Install” is checked so it will charge the amount you put in.

Second – UDC’s – “User-Defined Catalogs” (the blue ones in the list) can be defined with product cost / sell AND installation cost / sell. So when you add those items it will add both sides of the cost / sell to your quote. Your item will have product cost / sell and installation cost / sell applied. OR you can have “labor only” UDC line items that only have labor cost / sell and no material cost / sell. 

3) UDC Catalog Filters Fixed (for User-Defined Catalogs)

In the UDC catalog editor, you can now use the filters to find what you’re looking for to make changes to your data. Previously when you used these filters it would sometimes spin and not allow you to edit what you wanted. 

Now you can use one or more of the filters to search what you want. This is under “Setup / Catalog Management” and then you click on one of the blue UDC’s to edit it. Note: Only users with Admin priviledge usually have this access.


4) More Report Improvements

For Proposals / Contracts the following have been improved:

First – The remaining Proposals/Contracts that had a dedicated column for “Notes” have been changed. Now the notes always appear below the line item, and the description utilizes the space on the proposal instead of wasting it on a note that may not be populated. 

Second – Some of the Proposals were not showing the “Quote/Order Name” at the top of them. Now they all show it:

5) Tasks Fix

Changes to tasks were not being saved unless the task was associated with a customer/job. Now they save even if the Task is not associated with anything.

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