How to Clear Your Cache

You may notice that sometimes your browser session has an issue and things seem to choke. Most of the time it clears itself up in a minute or so, but sometimes your browser session holds onto what’s causing the slowness.

When this happens you will want to clear your cache and start a new EQ session in your browser. To do this follow instructions below for your browser.

First, log out of EQ. Then:

If you’re on a WINDOWS computer, use this method to clear your cache:

In either Chrome or Firefox, press CTRL – SHIFT – DEL key sequence (holding them until you press del then releasing them all at the same time). This will bring up the “Clear Browsing Data” window as you see below.

If you’re on a MAC computer, use SHIFT – COMMAND – DELETE in your browser.

For Chrome browsers, you’ll see a window like this come up:

Make sure you choose “the beginning of time” in the dropdown at the top, and make sure “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site and plug-in data” are both checked.

Then click the “Clear browsing data” button to clear it.

For FIREFOX browsers the window looks more like this:

Make sure you choose “Everything” in the dropdown at the top, and make sure “Cache” and “Cookies” are both checked.

Then click the “Clear Now” button to clear it.

Once you’ve cleared your cache, try and log back into EQ and see if your new session works properly.

If you’re still having issues call EQ support or email and let us know what you’re seeing.