If your brower fills in your password for you when you log into EQ, and for whatever reason it stops, sometimes you forget what that password was. This article shows you how to find your saved passwords in your browser.


If you’re using CHROME or MICROSOFT EDGE follow these instructions:

Step 1: Click the 3-vertical-dots at the top-right of your Chrome browser, and choose “Settings”

Step 2: Click “Autofill and Passwords”, then click “Password Manager” (If using Edge you don’t need to click “Autofill” on the left).

This brings up all the passwords your browser has saved (so this works for any site you need to lookup your password for). To find your EQ password, type in “eq.break” in the search bar and wait for it to filter the sites for just that. Your EQ saved password will show in the list below after you search for it.

Click the arrow to the right of the eq.breakfront.com entry to view your password. It may ask you to verify your computer password, then it will show you this:

Click the “eye” icon to see your password, or click the “copy” icon to copy your password to paste it elsewhere.

That’s it!

If you’re using FIREFOX, follow these directions:

┬áStep 1: Click the 3-horizontal-lines at the top-right of Firefox, then choose “Passwords”

Step 2: Type “eq.break” into the search box to bring up your EQ saved password.

Click on the resulting eq.breakfront.com in the list below, and it will show you your password to the right. You can either click the “eye” icon to view the password, or the “copy” button to copy it to paste elsewhere.

If you’re still having issues call EQ support or email support@breakfront.com and let us know what you’re seeing.