Aug 2023 EQ Feature Updates

The following feature updates are now live in EQ.

1) Sidekick Search Revamped and Improved

We’ve fixed some issues in the Sidekick search and made other improvements to it as well. Things should be faster and more reliable in search from now on.

2) Proposals / Contracts – Repeating Header Bars Suppressed When Not Necessary

On some Proposals and Contracts, there was a repeating header bar that repeated when there wasn’t anything in it. These would appear like the image below:

These Proposals and Contracts have been changed to where these blank headers don’t show anymore.

3) Three New Proposals / Contracts Showing Grand Totals Only

Three New Proposals and Contracts have been added. These new ones do NOT break down the totals by “Line Items” and “Installation” charges. The subtotals and totals show grand totals only. This is for those who do not want to break out installation charges from product charges, but want to just show the total of both. These new Proposals/Contracts do that.

Instead of showing totals at this level:

These new Proposals/Contracts will show the totals like this, without the line item breakout vs. installation breakout:

4) “Printed Date” on the Bottom of Proposals and Contracts Changed to “Date Issued”

The bottom of every Proposal / Contract page now says “Date Issued” followed by the date it was printed / sent, instead of saying “Printed Date”.

5) Misc Item “Installation Charge” Line Item Changed

Previously, if you had a Misc Item and it was ONLY an Installation charge (with the dollar amount in the installation boxes), that line item on the Proposals / Contracts would simply be called “Installation Charge”, no matter what you actually used for code and description in the Misc Item.

This has been changed to where it shows the code and description you used when you created the line item.

Previously it would look like this (for an item with code: “Charge for Installation Item”, and description: “Description for Charge for Installation Item”.

Now this line will look like this, showing your actual code and description:

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