Added Account Manager to EQ

There is a NEW field in EQ called “Account Manager”. This is to be able to keep track of who is over the Job from a sales perspective, vs. who is actually the “Designer” or other person responsible for the Sales Order. 

You still have the “Owner” of the Job and Sales Order like you do today, and that still works exactly the same, but there is now also the addition of “Account Manager” on the Job and the Proposals/Contracts. 

You’ll notice the Account Manager field in 2 places.

Account Manger on Lead/Customer

First, when you create a Lead/Customer you can pick the Account Manager for that Lead/Customer. 

Account Manager on Opp/Job

You’ll also notice that when you create an Opp/Job, the Account Manager populates from the Lead/Customer onto the Job. If the Account Manager is different on any Job than the one that populates from the Lead/Customer, you can change it when you create the Job. 

Account Manager on Proposals / Contracts

The Account Manager also now shows on Proposals and Contracts as shown below. 
You also may notice that on the right we include the Primary Contact email address.