After investing proper time in a particular lead, you know their budget, you’ve built credibility by recommending creative solutions and agree on what the lead wants to achieve.  Designs have all been reviewed, you’ve received feedback and they have selected the design and features they like best.  Now it’s down to the nitty-gritty… the dollars and cents of it all.

Sometimes you need to tweak your pricing to edge out the competition and close the deal.  We know you’re thinking, “But, Equilibrium gives me specific pricing based on the Pricing Profile… how can I adjust that?”

There is a way!  Equilibrium has a worksheet called the Adjustment Allocation Worksheet that will help you with this tweaking process, which can be accessed from the Pricing Tab.  You’ll find the button in the center of the page labeled “Modify Adjustments.”

Modify Adjustments


We acknowledge that you may be selling various products in different rooms, so Equilibrium gives you the ability to make adjustments specific to each room.  Your adjustments can be positive or negative, and you can adjust by dollar amounts or percentages.  The worksheet tells you exactly what happens to the GP% before you even apply the adjustments to your quote.  We recommend you keep notes explaining why you’ve made the adjustment for future reference.  These notes are internal and will never be seen by your customer.  The adjustments are internal as well… a great way to hone into that perfect price!

Adjustment Allocation