December 2022 EQ Feature Updates

1) “Salesperson Abbreviation” Field Added as a Prefix Option for PO Reference Numbers

If you use PO Reference Numbers in EQ, you can now use the “Salesperson Abbreviation” as a prefix to your PO Reference Number.

Currently many people use the “Salesperson Initials” prefix, but that’s not definable by the user. EQ derives the Salesperson’s initials by their first and last name. Now you can use the Salesperson Abbreviation field to put in whatever you want as a prefix. As an example, you might put the Salesperson’s location number-dash-initials, or something like that.

To populate the Abbreviation, change your setup (Organization Setup) to the new prefix of “Salespersons Abbreviation”.

Then edit the employee record and enter what you want as a prefix into the Abbreviation field for each Salesperson.

From that point on, when you create a PO it will fill in the prefix with that Abbreviation.

2) Report Changes

Rpt Change 1 – Line-Item Contracts Added to Proposals Tab

Previously, only the Contracts tab had line-item Contracts. There were no Proposals that showed line items.

All the line-item contracts have now been added to the Proposals tab. So now you have line-item Proposals as well. They show at the bottom of the Proposals tab.

Rpt Change 2 – Single-Unit Price Added to Line-Item Contracts

On the line-item Proposals or Contracts, if a line item had a quantity of more than 1, you wouldn’t see the price for each of them. You would just see the total for the line item (all quantities on the line). Now you see an individual price below the line item price, showing the price for each of them.

Rpt Change 3 – Notes Added Below “Show On Room Report” Items

On Room / Item Group Proposals and Contracts, individual line items do not show. These reports roll up the items into a Room or Item Group. You can force EQ to show a line item on those Proposals/Contracts by clicking the “Show on Room Report” checkbox on the item you want to show.

The new change here is that the items that you choose to show now include the “Notes” below those items.

Rpt Change 4 – Sale Date Added to Order Totals Report

A new field showing the date of the sale now shows on the Order Totals Report at the top.

3) Increased Email Size Limit, and Added Warning for Large Email Attachments

When you send an email (Proposal, Contract or Purchase Order), if you attach large files some email systems will reject the email. Some email systems reject emails as small as 10MB in size, although most are 15MB or above now.

We’ve increased the size of emails that can be sent from EQ to 50MB, but we also warn you on any email over 15MB that you may need to check with your recipent to make sure their email system didn’t reject it because of size.

EQ cannot know whether the email was rejected when this happens because many systems just ignore emails too large.

4) Other Misc Updates

1) A Bug in User-Defined Catalogs with a Specific Cost and Sell (instead of using Pricing Profile) has been corrected.

2) The “Created By” on the Purchase Orders tab in an Order was showing the Salesperson instead of the person that created the PO. This has been corrected.

3) The timeout on EQ (when you leave your desk or are working on something else) has been increased to at least 3 hours.

4) The pricing section on the “Checklist” Report has been hidden so no pricing shows.

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