Backorder Functionality Added to EQ

We’ve added the following feature and bug fix to EQ.

1) Bug Fix: “Null Null” Showing on Proposals

First, a bug that was showing “Null Null” in the header of Proposals / Contracts if there was no information entered for Contact has been fixed. Now it leaves the section blank if nothing is there.

2) Backorder Functionality Added to EQ

You can now mark line items “Backordered” on Purchase Orders when they are backordered.

Notice you now have 2 new “Backorder” menu choices in the “Receive” menu.

1) The first option is “Backorder”. This works like the “Receive” function, in that if you select “Backorder” on the overall PO it will mark every line that’s not already marked Received as Backordered. You can see the lines that are backordered by the red circled “B” icon.

2) The second option is “Backorder w/ Expected Date”. This does the same thing as Backorder, but prompts you to pick an Expected Arrival Date of the backordered items. You can always go into the “Confirm” box to enter the “Expected Arrival Date” at anytime. This does the same thing.


You can either mark the overall PO as “Backordered” (which will mark all non-received items backordered), OR you can mark individual line items backordered by clicking the “R” menu on the line item under the PO to mark it.


Also notice there are 2 colored circles with “B” in them. One is red, and one is orange. Red means COMPLETELY backordered (meaning all the line items on that PO are backordered), and orange means only SOME of the items are backordered.

Pick Ticket Change

The Pick Ticket also now shows which items are backordered. For any items marked backordered, an “X” will show in the “BO” (backordered) column on the Pick Ticket. This is the same column that shows an “R” if the item is “Received”, but now also shows an “X” if it’s backordered.

Receiving Backordered Items

To receive a backordered item, you just do what you would do if the line item were not backordered. Click the “R” menu (which will show as “B” for backordered items), and click “Receive”. It will then mark that item (or those items) Received.

Purchase Order List Filter

There is also a new filter on the PO list to show “Backordered Only” PO’s. So you can limit the list of PO’s to just see the ones with backorders.




You can also include this filter in a custom View so you can switch back and forth between backordered PO’s and the rest of them.

Backorder History

Finally, you’ll notice in your history that backorder activity shows. So you can see when items were backordered along with received and other events. 

We hope you enjoy the new Backorder functionality! Let us know if you have questions or feedback by contacting us at or give us a call!

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