Jan 2022 Update – New Features / Fixes

The following are new features & fixes added Jan 16, 2022.

1) Added a Right-Click Option to “Open Quote/Order in New Tab” on the Quote/Orders List

Sometimes you’re in your Quote/Order List and you have it filtered a certain way. Then you want to look at one of the Orders and you click on it to see something. But now when you go back to the Orders List you have to re-do your filters to see what you want again.

We’ve added a right-click option to “Open In New Tab”. So now you can keep your list how you want it, but open any of the Orders in a new tab, then go back to your list the way it was when you’re done.

2) Comments on Jobs and Order Now Sort from Newest to Oldest

Previously any comments on Jobs or Orders were not always sorting the newest comment to the top. They now sort where the newest comment is always at the top, and the oldest at the bottom.




3) Added “Supplier” Name back to Contracts for Misc Items

We previously made a change to the line item Contracts where instead of showing both the Supplier Name AND the Catalog Name in the header, we only show the Catalog Name. The result was that after that change, if you had Misc Items on the Contract, it wouldn’t show anything in the header for those (since we stopped showing Supplier Name).

This has been fixed so that if they are catalog items, it still just shows the Catalog name in the header, BUT if it’s Misc Items it now shows the Supplier Name in the header.

*** See 2 other separate announcements about a new Contract that was released, and the QuickBooks Sales Order export feature.

4) Other Misc Improvements

1) A bug that would prevent history from showing on certain orders has been fixed.

2) The “User-Defined Catalog” (UDC) import limit has been increased from 500 to 35,000.

3) The length of the “Description” field on UDC’s and catalogs has been increased from 250 to 1,000.

4) Some issues when “Importing” an address from the Customer to the job have been fixed.

5) An issue where the “Bill To” or “Ship To” address were not fully displaying on proposals and contracts has been fixed.

6) Error messages when line items will not price are now more descriptive.

7) History events have been expanded to handle more events.

8) A bug that would not allow you to delete a line item that was re-ordered on a Service Order has been fixed.

9) The total amounts on the Order Totals Summary report have been expanded so they display if the amount if over 100,000.