March 2022 Update – New Features / Fixes

The following are new features & fixes added March 20, 2022.

1) “Received” and “Delivered” Markings Added to Pick Tickets

On your Pick Tickets, you’ll now notice that they tell you whether each item as been marked “Received” or if they have been marked “Delivered”. This way you can tell if it’s already been received into the warehouse or delivered to the jobsite, or if it hasn’t arrived yet.

Notice that 4 out of the 5 line items show that they are marked “RECEIVED”, shown by the “R” under the BO (Backorder) column, and also they are marked “Delivered” indicated by the “X” under the DEL column. Also notice that the 4th line item is neither “Received” NOR “Delivered”. So you know it’s not in the warehouse or at the job.

Now when you print your pick tickets you can know more about what’s going on with all the line items.


2) New Proposal by Room / Item Group No Selections, Descriptions Only

This was added under the contracts tab a while back. Now we’ve also added it to the Proposal side of Proposals and Contracts.

3) You Can Now Mark Catalog Items with “Show on Room Report”

Previously you could mark Misc Items with the checkbox that says “Show on Room Report” so that line items with that marking would show on the Room / Item Group Proposals and Contracts. That was limited to Misc Items only. Now you can mark regular catalog items with that same marking so they will also show.

4) You Can Now Export Purchase Order to QuickBooks

Recently we added the ability to export Sales Orders to QuickBooks. Now you can also export Purchase orders to QuickBooks. To read more about how this works click this link:

Export PO’s to QuickBooks Link

5) Other Misc Improvements

1) A bug that would insert <br> into the descriptions of a Misc Item was fixed. If you find any <br> characters in your descriptions, just edit your description in some way and re-save. It will remove the <br> characters upon saving.

2)  A bug that would randomly re-order your Item Groups when you “Duplicate Line Items” in some scenarios has been fixed.

3) A fix was added to make the default behavior to mark all new Misc Items as “Taxable” automatically.