It’s a very simple process to export your design from 2020 Version 10 or later. Follow these instructions. Many of these choices will “stick” in 2020 and you will only have to choose them once.

Also see the document IMPORTING designs from 2020 V10 or Later.

In 2020 V10 or later, bring up the design you want to export.

To export the design, choose “Presentation” and “Reports”






You’ll be prompted to choose a report. Pick “Order Form”. 






On the next prompt, make sure the “Nomenclature” field is set to “User Codes & Descriptions” (unless you’re told your catalog requires “MFG Codes & Descriptions”). 
















On the “Pricing” tab, un-check “Show N/A or No Charge Appliances” and “Show N/A or No Charge Countertops”. 
















Hit “View”. Once the report comes up you’ll see an “Export” button at the top. Click that.






At the prompt to choose your export format, choose “CSV Format”. 


This will prompt you to save the file to your hard drive or network. Name the file something descriptive and save in the location desired that you can get to from EQ to import it. 

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