The new version of 2020 import for 2020 Version 10 and later has many major improvements! Here’s how to make the most of it.

2020v10-import-1Import Wizard Step 1 – Choose Your File

Choose the version of 2020 you exported from. Version 10 and later has been added as well as other various imports. If you are on 2020 V11 or later just choose V10 in this step.

Then browse to find your csv file to import.


2020v10-import-2Import Wizard Step 2 – Map Catalogs

If you had multiple catalogs in 2020, then all the catalogs will show up here. Import all of them, unless you don’t want those items at all in your EQ Quote.


2020v10-import-3For the catalog mapping, just choose the corresponding catalog in EQ from the list. If you want to SKIP items from one of the catalogs, choose “Do Not Map Catalog” from the list.



2020v10-import-4Import Wizard Step 3 – Map Selections

Step 3 shows you the selections that are coming from 2020, if they were chosen there. If not, or if only some of them were, you can choose them here if you like, or even change them. Just click in the field to choose the one you want.



2020v10-import-5Import Wizard Step 4 – Verify Items and Fix Problems

This step is where there is a lot of new functionality. Here you will see the list of products coming in from 2020, along with their modifications (click “Show Modifications” to see them).



2020v10-import-6If you see anything in RED or YELLOW, that is where something was not found and needs to be fixed on import or after. If an item remains RED or YELLOW and the wizard finishes, that item will show up as a Misc Item on your Quote. This is to remind you that something needs to be done with it possibly.



IMPORTANT! When you have a RED or YELLOW Product OR Modification, click on the code for those items and correct the code by hitting the magnifying glass and choosing the correct code from the Product or Modification finder. This way it comes in clean and you don’t have to do anything to it in EQ.

*** Remember that if you bring a RED item in, it will come in as a Misc Item and will lose the Selections and Modifications for that item, so you would have to re-do those. It’s much better to fix it here and all the Selections and Mods will stay intact. ***

Once all the items and mods look good you can hit “Finish” on the wizard and everything will come into your Quote.

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