You know how when products coming from 2020 are not recognized, they come in as Misc. Items? Then you have to fix them by re-selecting any mods or selections that were on them but were lost? Well…..

In the new version of EQ you can fix them during the import, and not lose anything. So no more having to re-do those items.

fixproductsimport1While you’re in the import Wizard, and you have a red line indicating something was not found in the catalog in EQ, you can click on that code and hit the magnifying glass.

This opens the product finder to search for the correct corresponding code in EQ.




fixproductsimport2Modify the product code to search for the code that is correct in EQ (in this case I removed the “R” in the code).

Then select the correct product to replace it with and click “Add Selected Products”.

You’ve now replaced the incorrect code with a good one and it will be brought in correctly along with the selections and mods that were on it.