If you’re seeing this “Flash” error message on your dashboard, follow these instructions to prevent Flash from running.

This shows because most browsers have discontinued their support of “Flash”, which can be used to display the dashboard widgets. Previously you would have to tell your browser to display Flash anytime you wanted to use it (by manually activating it any time you opened your browser).

Now support is fully withdrawn so Flash will not display at all.

To ensure your browser does not try to use Flash to display your dashboard widgets, follow these instructions:

For Firefox

Step 1 – Go into your Firefox settings (the 3 horizontal lines at the top-right of your browser), and choose “Add-Ons”.


Step 2 – Find “Shockwave Flash” in your Add-Ons list. Click the 3 dots on the right, and choose “Never Activate”. Then restart your browser.  







For Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge already stop Flash from displaying (and have for a while). You shouldn’t see anything different with these browsers unless you have been manually activating Flash every time you login. If so, you will notice the error message once you activate Flash for EQ manually.