How Do I Adjust the Price of 1 Line Item?

EQ is built to help dealers control pricing of all product and services. Because of this EQ doesn’t typically allow individual pricing adjustments by users. That’s because each item is set up to price the way the company wants it to. 

To adjust the price of an order in EQ, you use the “Modify Adjustments” box on the pricing tab, but some people need to adjust the price of ONLY 1 LINE ITEM instead of having to apply an adjustment to an entire room. What’s the answer when this need arises?

There are a few options to get around this. See the following to determine which is best for you.


Method 1 – Change the Catalog Item to a Misc Item to Modify the Price

If you need to change the price of a catalog item that’s on your order, you can click the “Misc Item” checkbox and convert the item to a Misc Item. That will free it up to adjust the cost and the sell price of that item to what you need it to be.

NOTE: If you have multiple items from that same catalog on your order, changing one of them to a Misc Item will put it on a separate Purchase Order from the other catalog items. That’s because Misc Items and Catalog Items cannot go on the same PO together. If this happens you may want to put the other PO # in the “SHIP WITH” on the 2nd PO to ensure they are shipped together.


Method 2 – Have an Administrator do a Discount Line Item

If you have a line item that’s from a catalog and you need to adjust the sell price, you can put a “Misc Item” below that item and call it “Adjustment to XXX Item” or whatever you want. Then an Administrator (someone with the System Admin role) can put in a negative sell price on that Misc Item to discount the line above it to the price you want.  

If you use this method, you’ll want to check “PFS” (Pull From Stock) on that Misc Adjustment Item so it won’t go on any Purchase Order. This method also allows you to show your customer that they’re getting a discount on that item (if you print the line item proposal).

Method 3 – Isolate Item(s) to Adjust to a Room and Adjust the Room

Lastly, you can use the standard EQ adjustment method where you can apply an adjustment to any room. If you want to use this method, move the items in question to their own room, then apply the desired adjustment to that room. It will allocate the adjustment across the items in that room.


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