The quickest way to create a quote in Equilibrium is by importing an item list from 2020 Version 9 or before.  Follow these instructions to properly extract the data out of 2020 for a successful import into Equilibrium.

First you have to export from 2020.

1.  Go to Report and select Reports on Design…

Reports on design2


2.  Click on “Item List” and then click OK

Item list2


3.  Make sure the “Show” selection is on “User Codes & Descriptions” then click View

User codes2


If product modifications in 2020 actually change the product nomenclature, then you will want to extract the “Manufacturer Codes & Descriptions” instead.

mfg codes2


Extracting the user codes from 2020 after the nomenclature has been modified means Equilibrium will not recognize the codes and all products will be imported as miscellaneous items.

4.  Once the report comes up, click Export



5.  Make sure you choose the following selections



6.  Give the file a name and save in a place you can easily find


Now you can import into Equilibrium.

1.  In your quote, click Actions in the light blue bar at the top and select Import



2.  Tell Equilibrium whether the drawing was generated in 2020 version 8 or version 9



3.  Click Browse and find your file, click Next



4.  Click on the red box to the right and select the proper catalog then click Next to map the selections as well

map catalogs2


5.  Click Finish



6.  Equilibrium will show the Selection Validation Form.  Simply click Apply and Equilibrium will import the products into a new room tab in your quote.



Any codes that are not recognized by Equilibrium will import as a miscellaneous item.  This is your cue to correct the code.