Typical Lead Management Process

Step 1 – Acquire Information About a New Lead

When someone comes in you want to track information about, most users will create an actual “Opportunity” and capture their information to track progress.

To do this, create a new Lead AND Opportunity (go straight to create Opportunity and create Lead info at same time) and fill in all known information about them. Use the “Notes” field to put more details in the Opportunity.

Step 2 – Attach Documents to Opportunity

You can attach “Greet Sheets” or other gathered information about the Opportunity on the Documents tab .

Step 3 – Assign the Opportunity to a Salesperson or Designer

Once you have an “Opportunity”, you can assign it to another person if you’re giving it to them to pursue.

Step 4 – Create a Task to Notify the Salesperson / Designer of the Assignment

You can “notify” someone by creating a task in the Opportunity and assign it to them to pursue it.

If you give the Task a due date it will show due (or overdue) on the person’s dashboard when it’s due.

Step 4 – Keep Track of Progress of the Assigned Opportunity

You can see and track the status and progress of the Opportunity in the Opportunity List.

Step 5 – Keep Track of Opp Details Within Opportunity

You can keep comments and notes about anything that happens with the Opp inside of it. Use “Notes” or “Comments” to document the details.