At times Google Chrome might update their browser and affect something in EQ. When that happens Breakfront will immediately research the issue and find a way to deal with it to solve the problem.

To prevent your users from having to experience anything like this, you may want to turn off “Auto-Updates” for Chrome browser. You can and should still update Chrome, but you can do it a couple months after the update comes out (manually) so you know there are no issues with it.

To turn off Automatic updates in Chrome, follow the directions below:

For Windows Computers

Step 1 – Open the Windows Run Utility. You can do this by using the keyboard shortcut WINDOWS KEY + R or searching for Run using Cortana.

Step 2 – Once it opens, type services.msc and hit enter (you can also get to this by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services).

Step 3 – In the list (you might want to click on the header name to sort alphabetically), find 2 programs. First is Google Update Service (gupdate), and second is Google Update Service (gupdatem).

For each of these, double click the name and change the “Startup Type” dropdown to “Disabled”.

Once you’ve done this restart your computer.¬†

For Mac Computers

For Mac users you can edit the URL for Chrome updates and make it so it can’t find the updates to stop them.

1) Open your Applications folder

2) Find Google Chrome – right click and choose “Show Package Contents”

3) Go into the “Contents” folder and edit the “Info.plist” file (with an XML text editor like TextWrangler or XCode, NOT the Mac TextEdit App).

4) Find the string “KSUpdateURL” in the file (Command-F to find).

5) Change the URL and save the file. The default URL is

We recommend changing it to¬†so if you want to change it back it’s easy to know what to get rid of.

These methods should make it so Chrome stops auto-updating and you can manually update it when you want to.



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