Sometimes people are going through the import process twice or more so they can import the different catalogs of items from 2020 into different rooms in EQ.

There’s an easier way….

Import all the catalogs at the same time, and they will appear as different item groups in your Quote.

import-into-multiple-rooms-1After they’re imported, you can create a new room and drag and drop the cabinets from any group and put them into the new room.

The group will be recreated in the new room and all the items will be in the new room in that group.





import-into-multiple-rooms-2When you want to drag items into another room, click the checkbox next to all the items you want (or the select all at the top), then click on one of the items (the code) and drag that item (and the rest will come along) to the new room. When you see the green check and the message that says “X selected rows” you can drop them into the room.

This way you don’t have to go through the import wizard twice or more for each catalog.