There are 2 levels of “Losing” anything in EQ. “Losing Opportunities” and “Rejecting Quotes”.

Rejecting Quotes results in capturing a “reason” why the quote is being rejected. Losing Opportunities is just a way of indicating the Opp was not won.

Losing Opportunities

Marking an Opp as lost makes it go inactive and it won’t appear on the list of Jobs anymore.

Here’s how to mark an Opportunity (or Job) as Lost
When you are in your Opp, at the bottom right there are these buttons. Click the “Mark as Lost” button.


You can also do this from the Opportunities List


To see Opportunities that have been lost, go to the Opportunities/Jobs list and at the bottom left (in the sidekick) there is a filter button that says “Include Lost”. Click that and Lost Opps will be included in the list.


Losing (Rejecting) Quotes

Rejecting Quotes is the more prominent method, since you typically lose it after you actually begin quoting to potential customer.
To reject a quote, open the quote and click the “Reject Quote” button at the bottom right (with quote in view mode).


When rejecting quotes a popup window may ask you for a reason and comment.


To find Quotes that have been “Rejected”, you can go to the Quote List and click the filter called “Include Inactive”. They will appear like this:


You may reactivate an Inactive Quote by going into the inactive quote and clicking the “Reactivate Quote” icon at the bottom right.