March 2023 EQ Feature Updates

The following feature updates are now live in EQ.

1) Proposals / Contracts Improvements

COLOR Proposals / Contracts!!!

There are some major improvements to Proposals and Contracts. The biggest one is that you can now print them with COLOR. What shows in color are the Room header bars, the Room Subtotal bars and the Note header bars, as shown below.

Your administrator can go into “Organization Setup” and choose your color (for the entire company). They can pick Blue, Green or the current default grey bars.

NOTE: Once you change the color setting users have to log out and log back in to see the changes.

Heading Bar Changes

The header bars previously were all grey shaded. Many times if you had a lot of Item Groups it would feel like too many shaded bars. We’ve change the Item Groups to be NOT shaded, but outlined as in the color ones shown above, instead of like the old way below:

Old Look:

Other Proposal / Contract Changes

A few other fixes have been released on proposals.

  • Sometimes the same catalog and selections would repeat on a Proposal/Contract grouping.
  • Adding notes to a line item would make that item show / repeat on an Item Group Proposal.
  • Some Proposals / Contracts were not showing all the report totals at the bottom.
  • These have all been fixed.

2) Automated SPA Numbers on Purchase Orders!

You can now document your SPA Numbers inside of your Cost Factors and have the SPA Numbers automatically show on your Purchase Orders to Suppliers.

To document your SPA Numbers, notice in Cost Factors there’s now a field to put what your SPA# is in each Cost Factor rule. Just put your corresponding SPA in with the Cost Factor.

Now that these are documented, here’s where they will automatically show on PO’s.


3) In Product Finder – Category Column is Now Hidden When it’s Empty

Some catalogs don’t have a category for products. In these catalogs, the empty “Category” column is just wasted space and makes it harder to read the code / description. Now if you choose a catalog without Categories, that column will disappear so you can see the other fields easier.

4) Sidekick Search Corrected to Only Show Leads in Your Locations

In the sidekick search, searching only shows you Quotes and Orders you’re allowed to see in your locations. Until now, Leads/Customers would show up in your sidekick search no matter what location they were in. Even if you didn’t have access to that location.

This has been fixed to only show Leads/Customers that are in the locations you have access to see.

5) Tasks Fixed!

Previously there was a browser issue if you created a task immediately after creating another one, or if you cancelled one and tried to create another. This issue has been fixed and you can freely create tasks now without the issue. We also fixed another bug in the Task “Status” drop-down box, and a bug when saving changes to a Task that didn’t have a customer associated.

6) Server Upgrades

Our servers have been upgraded for capacity and speed. This allows EQ to run faster and more efficiently in many areas of the application.

7) Collapsible Item Groups no Longer Collapse When Clicking the Header Bar

If you ever accidentally click on the header bar for an Item Group, you’ll remember that it collapses the group and makes you think the items disappeared. That has been changed and no longer happens. Now you must click the plus/minus sign to expand or collapse an Item Group.

8) Misc Other Fixes

1) Now if you try to use “Switch Items” on items that are already on a Purchase Order, it will tell you and not allow it.

2) When you assign an employee a license, there was a bug that didn’t save that license and you had to try again. That has been fixed.

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