2 New Line Item Contracts – “Descriptions Only”

New Contracts that Exclude Supplier Name and Product Code

Many users sell products that can be easily “shopped” if they know the Supplier and Product code of the item. For these types of orders they want to exclude these fields and just show the “Description” of the products in question. 

To help with this we’ve added 2 new “Contracts” (on the Contracts tab) that do NOT show the Supplier or Product code, but just show the product “Description” (and notes and other info).

These 2 are the line item contracts (with and without pricing). They’ve been duplicated so they show all the other same information, except they exclude the Supplier and Product Codes.

You can see them in the Print-outs Contracts tab:

The difference between the old and new Contracts is what you see below…

This is what the current Line Item Price Contract looks like with Supplier and Product Codes…

This is what the NEW (additional) Line Item Price Contract Looks like (with no Supplier or Product Codes)…

You now have both, so you can choose which you like to use for each Order.