NEW Pick Ticket!
Suppress Items From Pick Ticket & Payment Terms Added

You can now determine which items will show on the Pick Ticket. Many users do not want things like “Labor” line items to show on Pick Tickets (since they don’t deliver “Labor”). Now you can suppress those lines in the following 2 ways:

1) Mark a Supplier to be “Excluded From Pick Ticket”

If you edit a Supplier, you can check the box that says “Exclude From Pick Ticket”. That will exclude ALL items from that Supplier when you print the Pick Ticket that excludes items.

If you edit a line item from one of these marked Suppliers, you’ll see the checkbox greyed out (because EVERYTHING from that Supplier is excluded).

2) Mark Individual Line Items to be Excluded from Pick Ticket

If the Supplier is NOT marked to be excluded, you can exclude individual line items by editing them and checking the box on the line item.

Then, when you go to print your Pick Ticket, you can choose the version of the Pick Ticket that excludes items. There are 2 versions now. The old version is the same as before, showing ALL items. The new one excludes all items from excluded Suppliers or items that are marked to be excluded.

Payment Terms Added

Payment terms have also been added to all Proposals/Contracts/Pick Tickets. They show at the bottom like this: