Nov 2021 New Features / Fixes

The following are new features & fixes added Nov 7, 2021.

1) Sidekick Search Improvements

The Sidekick Search has the following improvements:

1) The “Customer” has been added to the information that returns in a search (along with Job and Salesperson).

2) The Sidekick has been made wider to better show the results.

3) The results are grouped more effectively by Quotes, Orders, Contacts, Suppliers, etc.

2) Other Misc Improvements

1) New PO Export called “Live Order” for Importing into Manufactueres Systems (for Participating Manufacturers)

2) Using Bulk Edit to change margin on multiple products now better re-prices all selected products.

3) Inactive line items will now re-price if you price your quote/order.

If you have inactive items on a quote/order (because the catalog is inactive), those greyed out line items will now re-price if the order is priced. Previously they would go red and would not price while inactive.

4) Other misc and technical improvements.