Second Set of Sept 2022 EQ Feature Updates

1) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Now Available for Greater Security

You know how on many sites you can make it so in order to login, you have to get a text with a code to login? Well EQ now has that option for greater security.

Your company can either set it at the Organization level, which forces everyone to get the MFA code to login:

OR, any individual user can turn on MFA in their employee record, which only turns it on for themselves.

If this feature is turned on, when you login you’ll get this window, which waits for you to enter the authentication code that comes to your cell number in a text message (the text should arrive in seconds):

NOTE: Your employee record needs to have a “Mobile” phone number in it to receive the text. If your record doesn’t have a mobile number and MFA is turned on, you’ll be prompted at 1st login to enter your mobile number and it will save it for you.

2) Customer Info / Sign-Off Section Added to Pick Tickets

There’s a new section on the bottom of your Pick Tickets for your Customer to sign off, or for someone to write comments or follow-up information.

3) Other Misc Updates

1) Quickbooks Exports – The exports now round the dollar amount to 2 decimal places.

2) 2020 Import of “Per SqFt” Modifications – If you import from 2020 and a line item has a modification that’s priced by the SqFt, that modification now comes in red-flagged (red dollar), indicating you need to enter the correct SqFt quantity before it will price.

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