Sep 2021 New Features / Fixes

The following are new features & fixes added September25, 2021.

1) Created Date and Account Manager Added to Opps / Jobs List Columns 

You can now add “Created Date” and “Account Manager” fields as columns to the Opps / Jobs list.

2) Fixes to Switch Catalogs

There were some issues where Switch Catalogs would get stuck processing. These have been fixed.


3) Additional History Events Captured

History now captures when you do a full or partial reprice of an order, and captures the new total as a history event.


4) Cost and Sell Now Display on the Edit Line Item Window as Well as the Green Dollar Symbol

When you edit a line item by hitting the pencil, you’ll now see displayed the cost and sell amounts. Previously you had to get these from the Green dollar symbol.

5) Additional Misc Improvements

  • ¬†Additional Sales Order and Purchase order Exports Implemented
  • Improvements in marking of line items as purchased, received, delivered, etc.¬†
  • Deleting an Item Group or Room now auto-reprices the Order

Other minor improvements are also included.