Sometimes people ask if they can track inventory of items in EQ. While we technically don’t have an inventory module, there is one thing that some dealers do to track inventory they stock inside of EQ.

If you’re just looking to have a place that tells you how many of each cabinet or other thing you have in “stock” so that you can know if you need to order it or not… and decrement that quantity so no one else can take it…and increment that quantity when you get more in stock… Well, this might help.

Create a Stock Inventory Job/Sales Order

What you can do is create a customer called “Inventory”, then under that customer you can create an Opportunity called “Inventory Job Container” or something understandable.

THEN you can create a Quote (or multiple Quotes) that is structure to show what you have in stock, with the quantities you have. Like this, for example.

Now if someone wants to know what’s in inventory for a certain brand and style/color you stock, they can just search for the inventory Quote for that supplier (and style/color if applicable) and look to see what’s in stock.

If they decide to take one of those items, they can change the quantity to reflect the new quantity after they consume one.

Then when the warehouse gets more in stock, they can go into the Quote and increase the numbers to what the new quantity is with the new shipment. Also, when the warehouse does stock inventory counts, they can compare with what’s in the inventory Quote to see what’s changed or missing. 

When management wants to see the cost of what’s in stock, that’s also easy by looking at the “Order Totals” report for that inventory Quote and see (since the items will be costed by the cost factor). 

With this method, personnel can track inventory, value inventory, and everyone has access to see what’s in stock, and to utilize that stock if necessary.