Do you import from 2020? If you do, and you choose your selections in 2020 (door style, finish, etc.), then you DO NOT have to choose your selections in the selections tab of your order in EQ.

It’s true that the selections in the selections tab are blank, but that’s because when importing selections into EQ from 2020 it puts the selections on the items they are supposed to be on. So you do NOT have to select them again. There are times when some of the items have to be changed and there may be a reason you have to go and apply selections again to correct those items. But that should be the exception.

After importing, expand out one of your items, and you will see that the selections are on the items that came in from 2020. Even though you didn’t even look at your selections tab.


Now, if you want to change those selections (or some of them), then you can go to the selections tab and make any changes and it will change the selections on the line items.