There may be times that you need to note the dimensions of the cut-out in an appliance cabinet. Or, perhaps you need to tell the manufacturer which side gets the extended stile.  Maybe you need to note that the sink has not yet been selected, and this selection may affect the price of the countertop.  All of these things can be communicated through the use of product notes.

Whether you are using catalog items or miscellaneous items, you have the ability to add notes to the products.  To access these notes, simply click on the pencil in the “Action” column to the very right of the line item (remember, the pencil is the icon for edit) or right-click on the row of the line item and click Edit Line Item.

Line items


You will find three different fields where you can record information.  Choosing the proper field for your notes will depend on where you want the information to appear.

Edit line item


Use the following notes as your guide…

Description:  This line appears on the line items tab, on print-outs and on POs.

Notes:  This line appears on print-outs (not on purchase orders).

Supplier Notes:  This line appears on POs (not on print-outs).